Basic Clues

   Peculiarities in printing business
Our practice proves that many people have a wrong picture of prices and price calculation in the printing industry. It is very important to know that large amounts lead to lower prices. This is due to the fact that the preparation for the printing of one product or another has the same initial basis, no matter if we speak of 300, 500 or 1000 copies. That’s why our bottom is 300 copies – the price of 100 copies would be almost the same as that of 300. And this is not at our whim, that’s how every printing house works. In conclusion we would like to emphasize that price calculation in printing business has nothing to do with mathematics - i.e. 2 and 2 makes not 4.
   Sizes, files, formats, software
It is highly important for you to stick to the size list in our schemes. What is bleed? Here is a professional definition for it:
Printed area which extends off the trimmed area. It is not possible to print all the way to the edge of the paper sheet. To achieve this effect it is necessary to print a larger area than is required and then trim the paper down. Typically a designer would allow an extra 2-3 mm of bleed to colour and image areas to allow for a little leeway when trimming. The text and elements that must remain uncut must be least 2 mm inward the displayed sizes.
In order to get the desired final product, we need high quality materials, i.e. the files sent must be with a resolution of 300 dpi least. We accept JPG, TIFF, PSD, PDF, PNG, EPS, but again – make sure your files will be of good quality. Images downloaded from the internet are not recommended. We suggest you to try QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign for your documents formatting.
   Payment conditions
All payments must be done in advance! We are here for about 7 years, we haven’t ripped off anybody on this planet and we won’t do it. We had some very bad experiences with delayed payments in the past (even we have been deceived several times by different customers). We also do not accept trades of goods for printing.
   Payment options online pharmacy
Western Union
MoneyGram International
Pay Pal
Bank trasfer
When you get in touch with us you will receive detailed information.