Who We Are

Brutallica Print was born in November 1999. The main purpose of the company was printing qualitative materials of people related to the world Underground Metal Scene. Thanks to the good balance between quality and prices as well as the fast delivery, we attracted many clients within a short period of time.
The Brutallica Print baby steps were made with printing several Brutallica Magazine issues. And that was a decisive moment in the development in our company, as the magazine itself appeared to illustrate best the quality level of our production.
In the beginning our offers included printing of magazines, catalogues and flyers. Later on we started being entrusted also with the work on CD, tape and vinyl covers, as well as high quality T-shirts and Longsleeves!
A concrete course that we took in 2006 is printing out all types of Digipacks and DVD covers.
   Why to choose Brutallica Print?
First of all, we are professional and experienced printers.
Second that, our team features solely people seriously interested in the development of the world Underground Metal Scene (just for your information, the individuals behind Brutallica print stand behind Brutallica Magazine also).
Last but not least: our prices are advantageous, and we also do our best in delivering really qualitative products as fast as possible!
We can do that for everyone, no matter which part of the world s/he hails from!
If you need any Metal-related materials to be printed, feel free to contact us! Every single client will be given the necessary attention and respect!